you're lost in the dream.

what do you want to do?

where will you travel in this vast fantasy land?


may 14
16 years
fl, usa

ao3 doil twt priv wattpad instagram cc

writing, plants, meatballs,
music, cats, photography,
psychology, 80s & 90s movies,
dr. pepper, diversity

lgbtphobia, the dark, florida,
pineapples, locals, paranoia,
racism, negativity in general

  • real name is caitlin

  • panromantic asexual + poly

  • genderfluid

  • aspiring author

  • has a cat named felix

  • wants to travel the world

  • loves learning about culture

venture further.

do not follow me if you:

are homophobic, transphobic, etc.are problematic in any wayhate on any groupare a solo stanbelieve pansexual and bisexual are the same thingthink poly relationships aren't validmake fun of any type of disorder or illnessdon't like people cursing a lot (because i tend to do so)

if you are none of these, then please dm me!
i love making friends :^)

travel somewhere else.

my ult of ults:

moon taeil

time spent loving you

    venture further.

    stray kids's lee minho
    nct's kim dongyoung
    lmaol + liu yangyang
    monsta x's lee minhyuk

    nct's qian kunlmaolma
    + nakamoto yuta
    monsta x's yoo kihyun
    blackpink's lalisa manoban

    venture further.

    monsta x's lee jooheon
    nct's kim jungwoo
    lmaol + wong yukhei
    lmaol + lee jeno
    the boyz's lee juyeon
    seventeen's lee seokmin
    stray kids's seo changbin
    knk's kim youjin (former)
    pentagon's adachi yuto
    lmaolmaolm + lee hwitaek
    astro's lee dongmin
    lmaolma + kim myungjun
    day6's park jaehyung
    lmaolm + kim wonpil
    exo's kim minseok
    vermuda's park jisu (former)
    super junior's lee donghae
    got7's kim yugyeom
    nine percent's cai xukun
    bts's jung hoseok

    red velvet's kim seulgi
    blackpink's kim jisoo
    exid's ahn hyojin
    kard's jeon jiwoo

    travel somewhere else.

    stray kids, nct, monsta x,
    the boyz, knk, seventeen,
    pentagon, astro, day6, exo,
    vermuda, super junior, got7,
    nine percent, red velvet,
    blackpink, bts, kard, exid,
    wanna one, 100%, xeno-t, clc,
    shinee, triple h, 3racha

    hyuna, chungha, holland,
    eric nam, luna, suzy,
    jimin park

    travel somewhere else.

    other artists:
    ava max, the 1975, the neighbourhood,
    troye sivan, halsey, heirsound,
    lorde, pvris, panic! at the disco,
    pierce the veil, crown the empire,
    sleeping with sirens, fall out boy,
    twenty one pilots, of mice & men,
    my chemical romance, the vamps,
    5 seconds of summer, r5, stromae,
    one direction, billie eilish,
    alessia cara, louane

    markiplier, shane dawson, ryan trahan,
    ryan yerrow, call me kevin, crankgameplays,
    rtgame, kurtis conner, brandon rogers,
    garrett watts, ryland adams, daniel howell,
    amazingphil, draw with jazza, simply nailogical,
    the game theorists, danny gonzalez, brad mondo,
    chris ramsay, chloe rose, drew gooden,
    maddison bush, jenna marbles, antonio garza

    ==anime/tv shows/games:==
    hunter x hunter, haikyuu,
    yuri on ice, big brother,
    glee, the big bang theory,
    modern family, tomb raider,
    scp containment breach

    ferris bueller's day off, fantastic beasts,
    the maze runner, the breakfast club,
    howl's moving castle, ponyo, clueless,
    mean girls, 10 things i hate about you,
    rocky horror picture show, the sixth sense,
    annie, men in black, sixteen candles,
    american pie, forrest gump, cruel intentions,
    emperor's new groove, bolt

    travel somewhere else.